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Girls Who Miss Their Boyfriends

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This community is for all the girls who miss their boyfriends (or any sort of significant other) and want to complain about their absence while they are away, been busy for days, just left five minutes ago, etc...

If you're single and miss being in a relationship, miss your ex, etc, you are welcome here also.

You may also whine, moan, and bitch about problems with your relationship, being single, your boy, obstacles, etc. (but we never have these problems, do we?) Just remember that while we have our problems, we love our guys, they're just human like us and mess up from time to time.

If you've recently broken up, this is also a place for girls to support each other and help each other get back on their feet.

I ask that no indecent/pornographic photos or inappropriate content be posted, as these entries will be removed from the community.